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MIsplaced photo: Dead_Armenian_girl_in_Aleppo[编辑]

Dear Ms/Mr,

The photo titled: Dead_Armenian_girl_in_Aleppo_desert(, pls take a close look, the girl on the ground looks smiling rather than being taken by death.


Glenorie2021 —以上未加入日期時間的留言是于2021年4月29日 (四) 08:14 (UTC)之前加入的。

Hi Glenorie2021, but the source of this photo is the Library of Congress, and it said that this photo is Armenian woman kneeling beside dead child in field "within sight of help and safety at Aleppo" .--BlackShadowG留言维基百科20岁生日快乐! 2021年5月24日 (一) 15:13 (UTC)

Seal script help requested[编辑]

Not sure it this is the right place to ask, but as I can't think of any other place I will ask it here. The file I am requesting help for is only used at the English-language Wikipedia and not here, but I have trouble reading this seal from this document. I am still seeking help with six (6) characters.


Does someone here know what these charachters read in Traditional Chinese characters? -- 徵國單  (討論 🀄) (方孔錢 💴) 2021年5月24日 (一) 08:48 (UTC)

Asking for info on a chinese person[编辑]

Hello fellow editors! I'm from Hungarian Wikipedia and asking for help, or advices about not asking for help regarding this topic.

We have a rather detailed article now about bishop hu:Xie Shiguang. We have two kind of request for help:

  1. Is ther any image - preferably not copyrighted - of this person? We do have an image here but some doubts were raised that it is not even the person in question. Some people claim that the title is "Peter Zhang Shi-zhi" but he seems to be a very different person. For me (an European) it is not easy to answer any of these questions. Can you help?
  2. If we take that the person on the picture is indeed bishop Xie, could there be any copyright problem with it? We can't seem to be able to find the author, nor the creation date, nor any publishment, since these - as far as I know - all illegal on mainland China. Due to this we cannot establish that there even exists an original (physical) piece and in that case it seems that chinese copyright law article 13 says that the copyright owner is the person "owning" the "original", and since all digital copies are exactly the same any of those may be "original". Or, as for another aspect, we don't expect anyone to claim copyright since it'd mean jail time for him/her.

Please tell me if I am not supposed to ask such things. If it's still okay I'd appreciate any local knowledge on the matter, or help, or fact correcting (the article can be well translated back to Chinese by! Thank you! --Grin留言) 2021年6月6日 (日) 10:24 (UTC)

@Grin: Per this news report, the person in the picture is en:Xie Shiguang. And per these web pages [1][2], the author (or copyright holder) seem Kierein-Kuenring, Manfred Dieter (Archive Kierein), who is not died at present [3]. Thus the image can be presumed as protected by copyright law. --SCP-0000留言) 2021年6月6日 (日) 11:22 (UTC)
Also IMO if there is no sufficient source, author, publication information of the image, I recommend don't assume the image is in public domain or not protected by copyright law. --SCP-0000留言) 2021年6月6日 (日) 11:37 (UTC)
Thank you, SCP-2000, for your help! Unfortunately the first source is probably using the image from the Hungarian news which is in turn using the image from the Wikipedia upload, and the only vaguely reliable source is Andreas Brender's website, which you have also quoted. They give a non-commercial usage permission[4] but I will contact them about how reliably are they sure that the person is in fact Xie. I hoped Chinese people have some sources we do not have here outside, but it seems you don't have a Chinese source either. (As a sidenote the Vatican have just rejected my question since they serve only "scholars" with recent data, or at all.) --Grin留言) 2021年6月7日 (一) 12:11 (UTC)